Appraisal Services

When choosing a firm for your real estate appraisal; accuracy and reliability are important. These qualities are the foundation of Kress Appraisal’s long tradition of service. For more than 20 years, real estate decision makers throughout Iowa have placed their confidence in Kress Appraisal.

Kress Appraisal assists buyers, investors and lenders in their critical investment decisions by offering reliable and accurate valuations. Kress Appraisal provides timely professional appraisals with a service-oriented approach. We believe in partnering with our clients in long-term relationships in order to provide the highest level of service. Kress Appraisal is a provider of high quality real estate appraisals for our clients who include: buyers, sellers, banks, mortgage brokers, lawyers, developers, investors, and settlement firms. Jim Kress is Licensed and Certified by the State of Iowa.

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